To clean Vessel Holds


RXSOL Slip Coat or hold block is a Heavy Duty protective Solution for hold of vessels, which carrying corrosive and / or messy cargo’s such as sulfur salt petcock coal and concentrates. It can be easily removed with it.


• Protects metal against corrosive cargo
• Environmentally friendly
• Safe to use in occupied / covered areas
• Reduces turn around times
• Safe on all coatings and personnal handling it
• Protects paint against cargo penetration
• Easy to direct spray

Usage Procedure

• If hold cleaning is to be performed from tank top level only powerful equipment designed for cargo hold cleaning will do the job in a minimum of time.
• Effective cleaning chemicals that can dissolve stains and remove discoloring are required the crew needs to have effective equipment to apply these chemicals from tank top level personal proactive equipment is required depending on type and condition of hold paint chemical that protect the paint may also be needed
• And don't forget procedures have to be drown up and your
• Crew trained for the job Standardization of equipment and chemical on board you ship will make life easier for your seaman and save your time
• Protects metal against corrosive cargo

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