RXSOL RUST REMOVER is very effective and well balanced products to remove rust from all kinds of surface.This is a well balanced blend of corrosion inhibitors , and surface active highly emulsified acidic materials product for the cleaning of aluminium, copper and removal of rust stains on paint work.

Is a fast acting penetrating oil with properties that allow it to soak into minute spaces. It dissolves iron oxide & loosens carbon deposits thus freeing frozen connections quickly.It saves time and labour by releasing rusted bolts, nuts and joints. It is also an efficient means of removing rust, gum etc from any metal surfaces.


Removes rust stains without risk to paintwork. Safe on most common metals for Rust Removel & PassivationLiquid oil based products.
Low-toxic, emits no toxic fumes or vapours.
Fast acting penetration of rusty seized up parts.
Avoids cutting or burning off bolts from engines or machinery.
Keeps tools clean and rust free.
Dismantling of assemblies seized up from rust and soiling.Cleans and brightens aluminium and copper.Cleaning of rusty and soiled metal parts.Protection of machinery parts and tools.


Active Matter: 83 - 85% IMPA Code: 551211,551407 Packaging: 25.00 Ltr. Application:

Very effective products to removes rust and stains also improves metal appearance.

Direction for use

For rust removal the surfaces to be treated should be free form loose materials, flaking paint, dirt or oil. In most cases diluted solution of RXSOL-16-1011-RR , can be applied by brush ranging from 10-50% and left to react for 5 - 40 minutes then the residues should be rinsed off thoroughly with clean water jet . Smaller objects can be soaked in plastic container. After cleaning, rinse items thoroughly with a water jet.

For aluminium , only diluted solution up to 10 - 25% can be used and rinse with in 10- 30mins.
For stainless Steel Disc Cleaning (never use on copper, brass or bronze parts), dilute to 4 - 10 parts water, and immerse 
from 1 - 3 hours depending on the severity of the job concerned. Cleaning will be accelerated with elevate4d temperatures
up to 60C and agitaion. After cleaning rinse thoroughly with clean water.

For best performance on aluminium use RXSOL Degreaser for degreasing as it has a neutral pH. Paintwork :
RXSOL-16-1011-RR should be diluted with water 1:4 . Then solution can be applied by brushing, spraying
for 10 - 20 minutes the residues should be rinsed off thoroughly with high pressure water.

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Video Clips of Usage Procedure


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