We manufacture products which are carefully formulated to meet every cleaning challenge with ease, and at prices that suit everyone. Our client list comprises varied companies, from small machine shops to large plants .We have built our reputation as an industry leader not just by maintaining the highest standards, but also by offering the largest selection of high quality specialty chemical cleaning products  . In order to obtain the best results with a minimum effective way, we have a complete range of products covering almost all types of industries.


General Maintenance Chemicals

We manufcture and supply chemicals for general maintenance for all industries . Products : Rust removers, Carbon removers, Disc clean, Descaling liquid, Oil spill dispersant, Air cooler Cleaner, All purpose Cleaner, Hand Cleaner ......Read more

Tank Cleaning

We supply an innovative and complete range of quality tank cleaning chemicals designed for any kind of tank cleaning. Besides our formulated chemicals we supply raw materials for cleaning and laboratorium items Products : Tank clean HD, Moya Oil, Alkaleen safety liquid , Veg Animal oil Cleaner etc...... Read More

Ballast Tank Chemicals
Ballast water carried in a tank must be removed , since it was last used to carry oil, been thoroughly cleaned and the residues resulting from the cleaning have been discharged and the tank is emptied .Products : Ballast tank cleaner, Corrosion inhibitor for metals, Sediment mud silt poly electro dispensor, Tank core coat........ Read More
Deck Engine

Products for ship deck engine cleaning. Products :All purpose cleaner, Antifreeze liquid, Aqua break, Boat Cleaner,Cemnent & Metal Cleaner biodegradable etc....... Read More

Hold Solution

A complete range of bulk carrier cleaning chemicals designed for any kind of hold cleaning. Besides our formulated chemicals we supply hold cleaning products and barrier coatings. Products : Acetic Acid ,Bilgo coat, Bilgo Clean, Calciun hydroxide & Cement remover RX hold, Aqua Tuff etc....... Read More



We have more than 50 grades of degreasers which are useful for various industries Products : High foam Ph DegreserDegreaser HD, Degreaser biodegradable, Aqua  break, Degreaser heavy soil etc .......Read More

Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

We supply a range of quality water treatment products approved by most major engine manufacturers for several purposes. Products : Oxygen Scavenger Plus, Condensate Control,Hardness Control Liquid, Oxygen control, RXSOL Autotreat etc ....... Read More


Cooling Water Treatment

We have developed a comprehensive range of cooling water treatment products to prevent scale formation and harmful bacterial growth so as to keep your system operating safely and efficiently. Products : Rocor NB Liquid, Diesel Guard NB, Cool Treat NB Liquid Ant freeze Liquid, RXSOL ELC, RXSOL 2000 etc ....... Read More
Scale Removers

We manufacture very efficient, non acid, descaling liquid for dissolving calcium, lime, scale and other deposits in boilers, condensers, evaporators, heat exchangers, cooling and pipe systems .Products: Descaling Liquid, Inhibitor Killer, Lime Remover, Scale Gun, Scale Remover Hardwater ..... Read More


Rigs / Oil Field Chemicals

This category include chemicals for Oilfield , prevent bacterial growth in pipelines (drilling fluids, additives, muds, rig wash, etc), Rigs (rig wash, cleaning, corrosion inhibition, etc), Water (boiler, watermaker, descaling, effluent treatment) and Fuel (additives, ). organic salts such as formates and acetates Products : Hydrazine Hydrate, Chlorine Liquid ,Muriatic Acid, Rig wash liquid, Rig lab complete set, Rustosol, Air cooler cleaner, Alkaline safety liquid, Read More........... ............... Mud Oil Chemicals:Talc Powder, Potassium silicate , Carbon black Liquid, Drilling fluid ........Read More
Oil Spill Chemicals Our experts have developed oil spill chemical t prevent one of the most devastating environmental disasters that can happen because oil spills effects people, animals, the land and the coastal waters ways. Products Oil Spill Dispersant I, II & III Oil Spill Absorbant pad, Oil Spill Emulsifier, Oil boom ....Read More
Test Kits

We manufacture and supply complete range of test kits . Products : Alkalinity test kit, Chlorine test kits, Chloride test kit, Hydrazine test kit, Phosphate test kit, Boiler water test kit, Nitrite test kit etc.. Read More


Power Plants

Products : Air Cooler Cleaner, Hydrazine Hydrate, Oxygen Scavenger, Gas Turbine Cleaning Fluid, Condensor water scale corroion inhibitor Read More
Automobiles - Roadways

Specialised chemicals for maintenance of roadways . Products : Car wash shampoo, Car coating remover, High foam vehicle cleaner, Tar remover etc ..... Read More

Specialised chemicals for maintenance of railways . Products : Moya oil, Air cooler cleaner , High foam vehicle cleaner, Aluminium remover etc Read More
Specialised chemicals for maintenance of airline industry . Products : Paint Remover, Thinner, , Glass Cleaner, High foam high ph Cleaner degree ........ Read More
Building Maintenance / Construction Chemicals

Products : Oxalic Acid , Cement remover, Super Plasticizer/Cement Additives,Brick/ComcreteSealer, Concrete Fast Setting etc... Read More

Swimming Pool / Spa
Products :Chlorine Tablets,Chlorine Liquid,Calcium, Hypochlorite,Sodium Hypochlorite,Swimming Pool Chemicals etc.. Read More
Metal Treatment Products : Metal coat, Metal sealchem,Phosphoric Acid, Picking paste , Nitric acid .... Read more
House/Hotel Catering
We manufacture and supply chemicals for day to day maintenance of Offices, Call Centers, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Clubs, Multiplexes, Hospitals, Airports , Railways,Factories , Residential Complexes etc Products : Carpet cleaner, floor cleaner, glass cleaner, toilet cleaner, brass cleaner, Dish wash, Phenyl,Rust stain remover etc....., Read more
Floor Care

Restores, shines and protects wood, tile and vinyl floors and a whole lot more. Provides a beautiful, transparent, long-lasting shine.

Products :Floor Stripper,Disinfectant Liquid, Phenyl White,Phenyl,T-Pol,Floor Wax Cleaner,Tile Stain Remover, Carpet Cleaner... Read more

Fuel Oil Treatment

Fuel Oil Sludge Treatment disperses sludge and emulsifies water in oil tanks to help eliminate burner breakdown, sludge formation and winter freezing. Discourages soot formation and helps conserve energy.

Products :Fuel Emulsion breaker, Fuel care treat, Fuel oil treat, Sooth Remover, Soot sick, Valvocare Fuel Addiive... Read more

Paint / Print Industry

Non-toxic paint removers from are tough enough to strip layers of paint off a surface, but gentle enough for the user and the environment.Solvent-based paint removers or strippers use chemical solvents to remove old finishes. They are not one chemical, but a combination of chemicals.

Products :Paint Remover, Thinner, Safe rust remover .... Read more

Evaporator Treatment

Used to prevent scale deposition in heat exchangers. It  keeps scale forming salts  uspended in evaporator water and prevents scale formation on heat conducting surfaces. Pproduct can be used to remove existing scale deposits.

Products :Evaporator Coil Cleaner, Antiscalent, Vaptreat.. Read more

Personal Care

We monitor and analyse industry trends in  personal care globally, ...... 

Products : Soft hand shampoo, Soft soap, Sanitizer cleaner, Hand cleaner paste ........Read more


They are used to dissolve grease, oil, and paint; to thin or mix ...

Products :Alcohol, Monomer, Ethanolamine, Ketones, Methanol, Ethyl Acetate, Acetone, Phenol, Toluene...........Read more


Raw Chemicals /Lab Chemicals

Our engineering and research and development team work to manufacture innovative raw chemical materials across a broad range of consumer and industrial applications .Products : Acetone, Caustic Soda, Ethanol, Glycol, Glycerine, Menthol etc........ Read More


General Cleaning Products

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