RXSOL - White Phenyl



White phenyle manufacturing process :

OP-95 300 gram Pine Oil 750 gram Water 13 Liter (Recommended)

Process: Pour OP-95 in a vessel. Then Add Pine Oil slowly while stirring OP-95.
Add Water slowly while stirring the mix of OP-95.

NOTE: IF you require perfume different than this (PINE OIL), you can use Di Phenyle Oxide (DPO) or Citronella.

IF more RWC is desired you can use Transparent (Mono Chloro Phenol) MCP @ 2% value of OP-95 and Pine Oil.

Packaging: 5.00 Ltr.

IMPA Code: 550601,550602,550603

Available Packing Size:

500 ml, 1 / 5 / 10 / 25 / 35 / 50 Ltrs

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