Degreaser Heavy Duty - RXSOL 10-1005-025

Applications : Unpainted decks, Engine Rooms,Port holes, Glass vinyl laminates,Wallkways,Bulk heads,Glass fibre boats, Hulls & painted surface, Metals, Machineries ,Tubes, Tools, Floors etc.more info...


Rig Wash Liquid Concentration- RXSOL -16-1014-025

Applications : Pressure washing machine,Tank cleaning,Industrial plants,Metals,Rig floors,Cold washers,Galleys,Enginerooms,Bilges,Cargo holds more info ...

Other Products : CitrusFormula || Rig wash Green || Rig Wash Heavy Duty


RXSOL 2000 -RXSOL-40-2000-20

Applications : Properly cleans system with water and aklaline liquid


Carbon Remover - RXSOL-16-1003-020

Applications :Diesel Engines,Gear boxes,Pistons,Rings,Valves,Pipes,Burer,Cooler,Oil Filters,Tubes ,Cyliders

more info.....


Anti Freeze Liquid - RXSOL-16-4020-020

Applications : Works on all precious metals like aluminium , Cooling WaterSystem,Radiators & Engines

more info.....


OSD Type 1 -RXSOL -1012-020

Applications : Sea,Harbours,Beaches,Shore land,Industries, Deck

more info....


OSD Type 2 - RXSOL-1058-025

Applications : On deck, ship side, piers,wharfs

more info...


Descaling Liquid - RXSOL-11-1008-020 Applications : Boilers,Diesel engines,Heat exchangers,Cooling systemCondensors,Evaporators

more info ....


Sodium hypochlorite - RXSOL-31-3025-005

Applications : Swimming Pools,Waste WaterTreatment Chemicals,Food& Beverage, Cooling Tower, Inland Po wer ,stations,Irrigation,Agriculture, Farming

more info.....


Calcium Hypochlorite Conc.Active Chlorine - RXSOL-31-3026-025

Applications : Cargo Holds, Chlorination of water,Waste waterTreatment Plants, Swimming pools, Water purifier

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Battery Acid -RXSOL-15-1103-025

Applications : Diesel Electric Submarines

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Degreaser SB -RXSOL 10-1006-0-210)

Applications :Unpainted decks, Engine Rooms,Port holes, Glass vinyl laminates, Wallkways,Bulk heads,Glass fibre boats, Hulls & painted

surface, Metals, Machineries ,Tubes, Tools, Floors etc.

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Aqueous PH Degreaser -RXSOL-10-1741-025

Applications : Hot soak tanks

more info..


Chlorine Tablet -RXSOL-31-3021-001

Applications : Pool,Sewage treatment, Metal tank