Fabric Laundry Softner FABSOFT

Item Code: RXSOL-15-3009-001

Fab Soft makes all washables cloth soft and fluffy  during laundering. Makes the clothes fresh and wrinkless for longer wear. It can be added at the beginning of the laundry cycle at the same time detergent is dispensed or during the rinse cycle.


    • FAB SOFT stops clinging of clothes to body cauded due to static electricity.
    • Makes ironing easier and helps to eliminate chafing , static cling .
    • Addition of little FAB-SOFT to your laundry will help reduce the amount of wrinkles
    • Saves time as no ironing of clothes required


    • Blankets,
    • Sweaters,
    • Sheets,
    • Towels,
    • Pillow cases,
    • Lingerie,
    • Diapers,
    • Work clothes,
    • Hosiery or any other washable materials.


Add 100-150 ml of product to final clear rinse water for a 40-50 Ltrs wash. Do not rinse again with clear water or for CONDITIONING OF extra cloth you may  rinse out the cloth with  FAB-COND  ( RXSOL-15-3009) to keep extra brightness /  multiutility stiffner , and colour value enhancement.
Automatic Washers: Do not pour product directly on clothes. Complete washing cycle first. Set dial and add product to the final rinse cycle. Always pour this product into water, not on clothes. For machines with automatic dispensers, follow instructions of machine manufacturer. Tub Washers: Use this product in conjunction with OTHER DETERGENT .



 Avoid freezing.
 Avoid contact with skin , Wash away on contact .

If splashed into eyes, flush with clear water and apply a commercial eye wash product .  If ingest­ed, drink large amounts of water. Contact physician.  Rinse empty container with water before disposal in an autho­rized landfill site.
Fabric Softener that reduces static cling and makes clothes easier to iron

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