RXSOL -41-8352-025

Dip-N-Clean has no odor, is non-flammable, contains no methylene-chloride, caustic or other harsh chemicals. It easily cleans up with water and will not burn the skin. From the makers of Ready-Strip, this product can also be used as a cleaning solution to clean out the interior of paint sprayers, guns, and hoses, Machinery Parts, Stub burn carbon deposits Stripping time may vary from minutes to overnight.

  • Spray tips, guns and other metal parts can be soaked in this safe stripper/cleaner for effortless paint removal and cleaning
  • When pumped through a paint sprayer and gun, it is an effective cleaner
  • Dip-N-Clean can also be used to flush lines
  • Enviromentally safe cleaner


Easy to Use, High Quality PRODUCT

Packing : 20 Ltrs