Restore A Deck by 2 Steps

RXSOL DECK CLEANER - For removing grease & grime

RXSOL DECK BRIGHTNER For brightening of floors

Step 1


  • A multipurpose product specialy formulated to remove grime, dirt, and oily deposits from concrete, steel, and wooden decks
  • Ideal for deck and concrete preparation and maintenance
  • Cleans and degreases decks, concrete and more
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable

ApplicationMain purpose is to clean contamination dirt, oxidation, mould,algae and deteriorated stain that has failed.

RXSOL Deck Degreaser does not come in a liquid. You need to measure 6 oz per gallon of water of mix the entire 2 lb. container into a 5 gallons of water. This product does apply easily with a garden pump sprayer. We needed to make sure to mix at the correct dosage otherwise the powder did not completely dissolve. Testing was done with both scrubbing and pressure washing. Both worked well.

Packing : 20 Ltrs

Step 2


  • RXSOL Floor Brightner is a metallised dry bright floor polish which gives a long lasting gloss finish.
  • It not only protects and extends the life of floors but also provides a safe high gloss finish which is easy to maintain and resistant to scuffing

Application: For Shinening and protecting the Floor Surface.

Using a clean mop or applicator, charge with product and tamp down in a wringer, but do not wring out, the mop or applicator should be saturated but not dripping. Apply to the floor using overlapping figure of 8 motion. On thefirst coat leave a 6 inch gap along the edges.

Allow 20 to 30 minutes drying time. Ensure 1st coat is completely dry before applying a second coat, at right angles to the first coat appling product up to the edges. If required apply a 3rd coat in a similar manner.

Some floors such as stone, or worn porous/vinyl will require sealing do the accordingly.Regularly maintain the floor by damp mopping, machine scrubbing or spray cleaning. The ideal maintenance product for RXSOL Floor Polish is Floor Stripper.

Tech Spec


Oxygenated Deck Cleaners - These cleaners contain the active ingredient Sodium Percarbonate. Deck cleaners that contain this ingredient will also contain additional surfactants that will effectiveness when cleaning exterior wood. These cleaners come in powdered concentrates that are mixed with water then applied to the wood’s surface. Best applied with a garden pump sprayer then scrubbed or lightly pressure washed off. Environmentally safe and effective cleaner. Very cost effective. Excellent at removal of contaminants.Must be mixed with water to desired concentration. Only active for 30 minutes. Some need warm water for best results

Bleach Based Deck Cleaners - Many of the older deck cleaners contained the active ingredient called Sodium Hypochlorite or what is commonly known as "bleach". These deck cleaners will contain bleach that  "whiten" the wood and some additional soapy surfactants that will aid in the cleaning of dirt and grime. Bleach based cleaners have recently been found to damage the wood’s lignin that help bind the cellular structure of the wood.Feature  Premixed in liquid form. Excellent mold and algae remover . Cons :May damage the wood cells. Average cleaner.