Antifreeze compound for cooling water systems , It is a Very effective blend of GLYCOL classified chemicals along with CORROSION inhibitor to protects all engineering precious metal including aluminium . Its chemically treated layer protect radiators and engines, against rust and corrosion. Its proper dose in cooling system gives full protection from corrosion.

It is biodegradable and does not present an environmental problem.




    Excellent corrosion inhibitor for cooling systems

    Protects ferrous and nonferrous metals

    Compatible with glycol based antifreeze

    Reduces cleaning and maintenance costs

    Cost effective, easy to apply and use

    Used on metals and non metals .Compatible with coolants, antifreeze solutiin, gylcol


Dilution Ratio

RXSOL Anifreeze liquid gives freezing protection upto -14 Degree C on 25% solution. Dilution ratio is 1 part of solution with 3 parts of water. For extra cold and winter climate the ratio is 1:2 to give protection upto -17 Degree C . It is used for residential and facility waste in different dilutions.



Packing : 5 Ltrs., 10 Ltrs.,20 Ltrs., 25 Ltrs. ,210 Ltrs.

Technical Specification