We manufacture specialty chemical for global aviation, industrial manufacturing and maintenance markets. We specialises in the development, manufacture and marketing of innovative, specialty chemical solutions to the aviation, metal working, welding & metal treatment, industrial, fuel additive and non-destructive testing industries.


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  Air Cooler Cleaner 25 Ltr RXSOL-16-0009-025      
  Aluminium Cleaner RXSOL-16-1028-020      
  Aqua 20 Ltr RXSOL-19-1387-020      
  Aqua Break RX HD 20 Ltr RXSOL-20-3017-020      
  BRASS CLEANER RXSOL-15-1107-001      
  Carpet Cleaner RXSOL-15-0522-010      
  Carpet Cleaner Bio RXSOL-22-2217-025      
  Citrus Cleaner RXSOL-12-1504-020      
  Citrus Cleaner ( Degreaser / Deodorizer ) RXSOL-10-1723-020      
  Citrus Rino Degreaser RXSOL-10-1726-020      
  Coal Tar Cleaner 20 Ltr RXSOL-16-1004-020      
  Cold Washer RX eco RXSOL-10-1089-020      
  Degreaser Antibacterial RXSOL-16-1650-020      
  Degreaser Bio Degradble - 20 Ltrs RXSOL-10-1102-020      
  Detergent Degreaser Conc.(Low Foaming) RXSOL-10-1711-020      
  Edge Sol Cleaner RXSOL-16-3014-020      
  Electrosol NF 20 Ltr RXSOL-16-1076-020      
  Electrosol Plus Ltr RXSOL-16-1077-020      
  Electrosol Quick Dry 20 Ltr RXSOL-16-1009-020      
  Enviroclean Soft RXSOL-20-3022-020      
  FORE & AFT RXSOL-16-3012-020      
  Heavy Duty Cleaner RXSOL-16-1032-020      
  High Foaming Aircraft Cleaner RXSOL-41-4126-025      
  Lube Oils Cleaner RXSOL-20-2050-020      
  Metal Brite 20 Ltr RXSOL-16-1011-020      
  Multi Clean 20 Ltr RXSOL-16-1502-020      
  Natural Biodegradable Degreaser High KB Natural RXSOL-10-1718-020      
  Neutral Based Degreaser 20 Ltr RXSOL-16-1033-020      
  ORG AUTODRY (Air Craft Cleaner) RXSOL-41-4146-020      
  Paint Remover 5 Ltr RXSOL-18-1013-005      
  Paint Thinner (NC) RXSOL-18-1014-020      
  Penetrosol RXSOL-16-1020-020      
  Rust Stain Remover ( RSR ) RXSOL-13-1096-020      
  RXSOL 27 (Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaning Fluid) RXSOL-16-1927-025      
  RXSOL ORG - 17 (Oxygen Generator chemical) RXSOL-16-1671-025      
  Safe Parts Washing Solvent >140F RXSOL-10-1728-020      
  Solvent Cleaner ( Low odor ) RXSOL-10-1731-020      
  Soy Degreaser and VOC Free Tar Remover RXSOL-10-1724-020      
  T.POL 25 Ltr RXSOL-12-T300-025      
  TPOL GP 20 Ltrs RXSOL-15-T300-020