Item Code: RXSOL-20-2059-025

RXSOL-20-2059-210 is an all purpose degreaser for cleaning of Oil and Sludge with emulsifiers. It is an excellent blend of powerful solvent base and  emulsifying  inorganic  products . Specially  designed   for engine room and cargo  tank cleaning .Main feature of RXSOL-20-2006-210 is, it finally  dissociate  slop emulsion  to  separate  oil  and  water .This  provide  us with ability to dispose o f waste  solution as per MARPOL & IMO rules and regulation.

 Dose rate and results will vary depending on amount of contamination . For light contamination dilution with water up to 1:20 is recommended, where as medium contamination dilute 1:10, and for heavy contamination neat rxsol-20-2059-210 is suggested to use.

Procedure of use:- 
RXSOL-20-2059 is recommended for local cleaning & degreasing of engine rooms, bilges & tank tops. It may be applied by brush, spray, immersion, soaking, or any other conventional means.RXSOL-20-2059-210 is used neat. Allow a residence time of at least 20- 45 minutes where possible, to ensure good penetration & emulsification. Finally wash the system with hot water & high pressure.The emulsion residue after cleaning must be allowed to separate in a holding tank for at least 3-5 hours before passing through an oily water separato

Tank Cleaning  Sludge/ Lube Oils / Slope-Black Oil:-
1 ) Fill the tank with 1-35 litres per ton wash water.Best results are obtained when water is heated to a temperature between 65°C & 80°C then stripped constantly and transferred to a holding tank for separation.The time for this will vary depending on amount of RXSOL-20-2059-210 used & nature of oil being cleaned.Generally,12 hours should be sufficient before the water phase can be removed. 
2) Direct Cleaning.Spray directly RXSOL-20-2059-210 on tank surfaces to be cleaned, left for at least 30 minutes.Finally wash with hydrogating (high pressure) machine. Hot water between 50°C & 80°C