Item Code: RXSOL-20-3001-025

Benefits :
• RXSOL-20-3001-025 is very effective for the control of cleaning and degreasing.
• All ingredients are biodegradable and safe to the person handling it.
• Pleasant citrus odor.
• A unique blend of emulsifier, penetrating agents, mild abrasives and wetting agent make this an excellent liquid scouring cleansers .
• Scientifically advanced versatile cleaner can be used for tank or general cleaning .
• Also useful for Platform Mopping.

Packaging: 25.00 Ltr

Application : A versatile cleaner which can be used for tank or general cleaning.RXSOL -20-3001.025 may be used in all types of cleaning and degrease operations and is very effective against oil, grease and many other difficult soils .

Application Manual Degrease : May be applied neat or diluted with water up to 1 part to 15 — 20 parts by using a cloth ,brush or spray. After use as an engine room cleaner, bilge slops must be allowed to separate for at least 3 Ins before passing through an oily water separator.

Bilge cleaning : RXSOL-20-3001-025 is recommended for any of the standard tank cleaning methods including ship motion, pressure spray washing and recirculation method after mineral, animal, fish and vegetable oils.

Usage Procedure

Note :

• For Hydrocarbon freeing after cleaning with hydrocarbon solvent cleaners like Sea clean ( RXSOL Sc 2002), Tank Clean (RXSOL 2001) and OSD (RXSOL OD 1012) etc.

• Excellent for use with pressure - washing equipment and for industrial application. It is suitable for stainless steel tanks having, epoxy/ phenolic linings.