Hydrogen Peroxide


Our company is counted as one amongst the eminent Hydrogen Peroxide Chemical Suppliers in India. Various national as well as international clients are placing repeated orders for the Liquid Hydrogen Peroxide due to accuracy in physical and chemical properties. Appropriate in content and zero impurities also make the Hydrogen Peroxide ideal for various industrial applications. Moreover, we also provide Wholesale Hydrogen Peroxide at the most lucrative deals. Customers are eased with the availability of the Hydrogen Peroxide in varied grades and at the most prolific deals.

Applications :

  • As bleaching agent for Pulp, Paper, Textiles, Sugar, Coir & Tobacco Industries.
  • Antiseptic agent in Pharmaceuticals.
  • Sterilizing agent in Aseptic Packing.
  • As raw material for Organic and Inorganic Chemicals, Dyestuffs and Pesticides.
  • Effluent treatment.
  • Propellant for Rockets and Aircrafts.
  • Oxidizing agent for Silver Ornaments.
  • Neutralizing agent in Wine Distillation.
  • Chemical reagent for extraction of different metals: Cobalt, Uranium, Tungsten etc.
  • As an etching & cleaning agent in Electronic Industry and Process Equipments.