Combo Treat



RXSOL- 50- 5004- 020 : This is a well-balanced blend of several powder with antifoaming agent for boiler water treatment, resulting in a scale and corrosion control by one simple operation. It is applied to types of boiler water systems, providing excess protection from the hard, sludge concentration and corrosion


Hardness Control : RXSOL-50-5004-020 provides phosphate reserve to effectively react with and precipitate the hardness salts introduces with the feed water.

Sludge Conditioner : RXSOL-50-5004-020 component will preventing the sludge from adhering to metals surfaces. Boiler sludge can only be removed by blow down.
Oxygen Scavangers : Catalyzed of RXSOL-50-5004-020 controls the formation of oxygen to protects boiler & steam line corrosion protection. As an additional benefits it will assist to neutralize dissolved carbon dioxide. In this way RXSOL-50-5004-020 preventing oxygen Pitting corrosion.

The dose rate is dependent on boiler operating condition . Feed 200 gm to 1 Kg of RXSOLComoTreat solution per thousand Ltrs of boilers water. Then control the system by Periodic Alkalinity test procedure. If p-Alkalinity is below 200 ppm increase the ratio of RXSOLComoTreat solution. If p-Alkalinity is above 400 ppm reduce the concentration of RXSOLComoTreat solution by dilution with water.

Benefits : RXSOL ALKALINITY, PHOSPHTE and SULFITE TEST KITS are available on request.

Usage Procedure : Always dissolve powder before feeding in BOILER WATER TANK.

Control Procedure :Control is by simple boiler water tests or RX CLEANSERS can provide a suitable test kits for this purpose.

FREE LOGSHEET is available for our registered member. ( Maintaining of Logsheet allow to observing and evaluating the test results trend in order to use the exact amount needed for the stabilization of the system