Coil Cleaner

  • Remove built-up grease, dirt and carbon from finned coils ,air conditioning or refrigeration cooling coils .
  • Cleaning in one step.
  • Removes dirt and greasy film from evaporator coils and enables the equipment to operate more efficiently.
  • Applications - Hotels, Commercial complexes, Hospitals, Shipyards, Heavy Industries, Shopping malls, Food shops, Supermarkets, Butchers and Wet fish shops and Any air-conditioning workshops or establishments that services air conditioning systems .

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Video Clips of Application Procedure

Condensor Coil Cleaner

RXSOL -50-5015-025

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Evaporator Coil Cleaner

RXSOL-51- 6004-025

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Coil Cleaner Free from Acid Liquid

RXSOL -16-1082-025

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C-Shine Coil Cleaner

RXSOL- 16-1668-025

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Coil Cleaner

Air Conditioning


RXSOL - 16-1697-005

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Coil Tubing Lubricant 
RXSOL- 81- 8153-210

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Coil Cleaner

(Non rinsing type)

RXSOL -16-1697-025

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Coil Brite RX Yellow

RXSOL - 16-1680-005

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Active Chem Coil Cleaner

RXSOL -16-1697-003

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Coil Brite RX Pink

RXSOL - 16-1680-00

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Active SK Coil Cleaner Yellow -

RXSOL -16-2697-003

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Active SK Coil Cleaner pink

RXSOL -16- 2697- 005

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