Hardness Control Test Kit - RXSOL-62-5505-001




Hardness Control Test - is done for controlling the scale and corrosion in low pressure boilers . It maintains an optimum phosphate level.


  • Prevents hardness in boiler water
  • Prevents formation of calcium and megnesium scale
  • Converts hard salt to sludge that can be removed by blow down

Usage Procedure:

  • Take 25 ml of water in a test jar
  • Add one micro spoon full of reagent RX-TH-1
  • Mix content well to dissolve
  • Add 15 drops of reagent RX-TH-2 and mix well
  • If colour turns blue it indicates there is no hardness in water
  • If colour turns red it indicates there is no hardness in water
  • Now drop wise add reagent RX-TH-3 counting the number of drops while mixing until the color changes from Red to Blue .

Tech Spec

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