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Chloride Test is done to control blow down rates in boilers. Make up water and boiler water should be tested to determine the cycles of concentration . Due to many reasons the quality of make up water get changed. The procedure for testing for makeup water and boiler water is same except the pH of water sample used in the boiler must be neutralised .

For chloride test we can use sample which we have used to test P-alkalinity as the water already neutralised during P-alkalinity test. It is advised not to use hydroxide alkalinity samples for chloride testing as it gives incorrect reading . The recomended chloride range depends greatly on the make up water chemistry.

Benefits of Chloride Test :

1. Gives warning against any seawater contamination of the Boiler Feed System.
2. Help to establish an effective blow down control of the boiler.

Application Procedure :

  1. Measure 15 ml of Sample Water in graduated Test Tube / Cylinder
  2. Add 1.2 drops of Rxsol TK1 and mix with the stirring rod , If sample turns red! PINK then follows 3'd step otherwise if sample remains colorless proceed to step 4.
  3. Add Rxsol 1K2 drop by drop, mixing with the stirring rod until colour just disappears.
  4. Add 3 drops of RXSOL TK3 and mix with stirring rod, the sample will turn YELLOW.
  5. Add Rxsol TM carefully by counting drop by drop and mixing thoroughly until a light reddish / pink! brown color develop.

Result each drops is equivalent to 8 ppm of chlorides.

Item Code: RXSOL-62-5506-001

Active Matter: 100%

Packaging: 1.00 Complete SET 

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